Maddigans Fish & Chips Seafood is an iconic brand for Hervey Bay. The take away store has been operating for over 45 years at the same location along the beautiful Torquay foreshore. The current owner Jim has now managed Maddigans for nearly 20 years and values the loyal customers who regularly visit the shop and the many visitors to Hervey Bay who know the freshest menu in the bay.

Serving the freshest fish and chips, they cater for everyone. Whether it’s the many packs available, the traditional Chiko Rolls and Dims Sims, or the many burgers available – Hamburgers, Chicken Burgers and Fish Burgers. See the range of Fresh Seafood that can be part of your order or take home to cook with your own special recipe. Maddigans order from local fisherman where possible and make sure their products are the best available. Moreton Bay Bugs, Oysters, Salmon, Mud and local Crabs, Prawns……the variety in seafood is on display for you to choose.

Maddigans is proud to be part of Hervey Bay’s history and continues to support local businesses by choosing local suppliers for most of their products. They cater from small to large parties so don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.